In this world in 21 centuries can rule the world is the technology only most of the Technologies or can rule the in our most of the Technologies of used in our daily life you can see any side only Technologies machines or rule the word and I am also seeing today topic is Technology worldany most of the technology soft and rule the world you can know Technologies no world most of the technology for using the most benefits to example that cause motorbikes most of the expensive helicopter aeroplane saw only Technology can made that different types of matic usages.

Technology world most of the learning process

Technology useage

Give this model world only Technologies for different types of usages of our daily human routine life you can use to only Technology Mein Din ka bus trying helicopters motorbike aeroplane so most of the transport or using the technology only sort later in our daily lives the Technologies of the great the most of the workscan used human works a reduced taking machines most of the works on easy quick and finish machines only sau first than humans so most of the companies are used .

Advantages of technology

the Machines working is fast and Technology in most of the Machines or use Dent systematic robotics in this systematic Robotics aur used walk in that human checking but works is finished quick and faster easy to make the work finished show the market range is easy to find out the most of the solutions are most different types of the systematic robotic process in marketing .

Working process

Technologies most of the systematic robots or used in our daily work for reduced that works or taking the missions is used can feel the systematic works and different types of the legal Advisors for the you want Technologies in our daily life human Technologies of more study increase to there Lord side of the technology in this type of Technology Voltas created the some different types of products and different types of strategies most working condition products or used in this type of fast finish work in this type of machines are used in 1 Li the systematic works in our daily life protein you can used to understand in that Technology words to make proud to that Technology machines or Technology systematic robots.


Working methods

In this technology words or created the work finished in quick machines or take their small time to finish the work show the companies or make the sum plot of property using this type of Machines and most of the Machines operating there difficult only to create machine shop working methods is identify the defective products and non defective products find out in this working area to we can find out the Machines so easy to finish  human to missions of fast to working in the companies .

Upgrade technology

the most of the companies are used in machines were only to create the lot of problems and lost of the product sales strategy used by human to create the market cap in the market value message and systematic robot for grade the different space in human work to train the human productivity in most of the company is easy to create the productivity using machines and low-cost ages so most of the company suggestion only machines or find out the fast best company to make the lot of products in the companies or trade the big profit to using this type of missions and systematic robots most of the companies or used machines only .

Computers benefits

Most of the companies are using the computers and systematic robots to using that calculator our profit and loss using this type of systematic calculation method you see the most profitable marketing capable in this modern technology boat using only the computers and mobiles laptops or rule the world most of the companies are used the systematic robots and systematic that calculations all too easy to quit and get the answer for human and Systems most of the problems are solved the systems or easily in fraction of seconds .


The most of the products are used with the marketingmarketing capable different types of product and productivity to make the machines are fast and quick and accurate to make the lot of profit of the company easy to make the profits and easy to calculate the profits in using computers and laptops for mobiles for using and rule the world most of the companies are created the some different types of space in the companies to make that probable world.

In this technology V are using different types of products most of the expensive mobiles most of the expensive laptops or graphics card most of the expensive computer systems watches for created that different types of different types of using SIM create to make the space capability to finish the work for your quick time for the make system works to make the better working performance of computer shop best for womens to giving our shop Sun best to make them works .

Disadvantages of technology and machines

Disadvantages of their Technologies and machines different types of Technologies and easy to get that week work and most of the people for receiving the work for this type of Machines or get the war but humans of and worked on employees most of the year this type of Machines created that some stasis for working jobs categories in this type of Machines or created the some different types of problems in our nature it get the most of the event stages in our daily life to create the lord of tons of the hi wastage of in our regular life it’s great to bird in create the carbon dioxide gas as most of burn it show the affected most of the natures in the regular life.

Working process

To make the some different Technologies of great the most of the big problem using the cameras and different types of the videos to get well play the most of the problems in our regular life to get their most of the usages in this type of Technology 800 to get the most of the different types of certificates in the world to make affected the peoples8 to save the nature and get back the normal life to get the most of the peoples are you suggested.



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